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Shaman Crafts was born in 2000 by Rev. Elena Skyhawk who is an Ordained Minister, Shaman Teacher and Healer.  Elena decided that she was spending too much money at Pow Wows for things she wanted. Realizing that she knew how to make Native American Indian Crafts and Jewelry, Elena started making designs that she was drawn to.

Other Spiritual Advisors where Elena worked liked what they saw and asked if she would make something similar for them.  She has been making Native American Indian Crafts and Jewelry ever since.

Line of products include:

  • Natural Dreamcatchers (using wood)
  • Medicine or Spirit Bags
  • Gemstone Chokers
  • Crowbead Chokers
  • Breastplate Chokers
  • Sioux Dancing Chokers
  • Ceremonial Fans
  • Cholla Smudge Fans
  • Lariats made with seedbeads, gemstones and bones
  • Headdress Earrings make with seedbeads and gemstones or bone
  • Bone and Gemstone Necklaces
  • Imitation Bearclaw Necklaces

Other Native American Indian Crafts that are sometimes available like Turtle Rattles, Talking Sticks and Shaman Staffs.

All items are unique and variations will be based on what natural resources are available at the time of order.  Elena also offers custom orders so if there is something you would like then drop her an email.

Rev. Elena Skyhawk blesses all products when finished and the blessing goes with the product when sold.

Native American Indian Crafts
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Breastplate Choker
Turquoise Coral N Shell Earrings

Medicine or Spirit Bags

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